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The contributions of Africans to the First World War


This project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and was put together by the young people of the Teesside area, who felt it was important to know our side of the story.


A DVD and picture exhibition was displayed throughout various locations in Teesside during Black History Month October 2014 and the months following.  A group of young people also visited the Imperial War Museum in London to see their exhibitions of WW1 paraphernalia.


Our aim was to investigate and showcase how people from the African Continent were involved or were connected to WW1, to provide an opportunity for young people to understand the sacrifices of people in the war and so we created an exhibition and mini documentary that filled in the gaps in peoples knowledge regarding the contribution of Africans in WW1.


For more information contact us on 01642 605838 or 

This project was funded by 
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